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A small selection of other notable (and not under NDA) design, research and design thinking projects over the years.

Anneal Engineering project management Kanban board design.


Product redesign for seed stage startup Anneal - helping engineering teams to plan, track, collaborate, and manage their data.

Bloc blinds user journey Multi-device user flow for accurately sizing self service window blinds
Customer journey mapping As-is customer journey mapping
UX user empathy mapping Workshop empathy mapping

Bloc Blinds

Bloc Blinds, a direct-to-consumer window blind manufacturer, was struggling with a high return rate for their bespoke blinds. Caused by errors in sizing, Bloc sought to reduce the user error rate through a combination of user experience and technology innovations.

I ran several design thinking workshops to map the end-to-end customer experience, profile user types, and identify primary pain points before redesigning the purchasing user journey to introduce a multi-device experience. Enabling users to upload a photo of their window as a digital measuring assistant reduced error rates, while improved clarity and guidance reduced friction and user anxiety.

A series of unmoderated user tests and surveys of existing customers allowed rapid validation of product and design assumptions.

👆 A few other visual design examples. Check out more of my recent product design work on Dribbble.

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