Redesigning the experience of enterprise dynamic application security testing for Rapid7.

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The Problem.

Rapid7 acquired AppSpider, a leading DAST tool, aiming to integrate the technology within the Rapid7 security platform and expand the range of security products available to customers.

Project goals were to create a best-in-class UX as a competitive differentiator, and leverage the early stage R7 design system to create a consistent and familiar experience to reduce the user learning curve and encourage user growth across the product suite.

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I began with discovery and an analysis of the existing system, identifying usability and wider experience pain points through a heuristic review and user research. Identifying user pain points led to the creation of lean personas, helping to frame our application security user's needs and goals and aligning the design, product and engineering teams.

A rework of the information architecture followed, restructuring the navigation, content and user journeys to reduce cognitive load, improve efficiency and model how busy AppSec professionals manage risk across multiple applications.

An iterative loop of design, user testing and stakeholder feedback shaped the end-to-end experience for the first release milestone before moving to parallel discovery and agile design streams towards future releases.

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InsightAppSec launched on the Rapid7 platform gaining new users and positive feedback. The UX improvements directly contributed to customer growth and retention; Existing users recognised the significant user experience improvements from the prior version leading to time, efficiency and cost savings.

Gartner quickly recognised InsightAppSec as a market leader for application security testing and monitoring.

“Overall all other aspects, I value how easy it is to use. I was amazed at how well-organized the entire layout was and how quickly I could set it up and begin monitoring risks. This applications design is fairly user-friendly and this keeps data updated continuously...”

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